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Capturing assessments and getting to the heart of your data to understand learner performance

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Adding and editing grades, the dashboard, subject levels and target grades

How to use the SchoolWise GradebookStart understanding your learners performance, accessing critical information to help support them and how to start capturing assessments
Setting up your GradebookGet the most out of your Gradebook by setting options for learners such as target grades and subject levels
How to use the Gradebook DashboardLearn how to utilise the power of the Dashboard to analyse the performance of your class, get valuable insights and how to take action
Taking Action from the GradebookLearn how to take action right from the Gradebook and see how you can keep all your notes, observations and communications in one place
How to add grades to the GradebookEverything you need to know about adding a Gradebook in SchoolWise
Using different grading scales with GradebookHow to select different grading scales when adding a gradebook in SchoolWise
How to edit gradesLearn how to edit a gradebook and update grading information
How to delete gradesIf you need to delete a Gradebook this article will show you the steps
How to track Schoolwork with the GradebookIf you need to record learners who have turned-in their homework or classwork then this article will show you how
How to use feedback with the GradebookLearner feedback, class feedback, with or without grades and everything in between
Using the Save Draft feature in the GradebookLearn how to save your grades if you are not ready to make them available to learners or update the tracking and performance data
How to set learner target grades using the GradebookEverything you need to know about configuring target grades for learners in your class
How to set learner subject levels in the GradebookLearn how to set a subject level for an individual learner or your entire class
Import Microsoft Teams AssignmentsHow to import your assignments from Microsoft Teams into the SchoolWise Gradebook

How to use Assignments in SchoolWiseIf you want to set homework, have learners turn-in work or even track schoolwork this article will explain how
How to set Schoolwork with a class groupIf you want to set homework, classwork or a task for your learners this article will explain how
How to track schoolworkIf you want to track learners who turn-in and don't turn-in their work this article will show you how
How to set an Assignment with a class groupIf you want to set an assignment for your students, grade their work and even have them turn-in their work this article shows how
How to set Assignments for more than one groupThis article will help you to create an assignment for numerous class groups.
How to track who has viewed an AssignmentAssignment history allows you to monitor what learners have opened an assignment
How to schedule an AssignmentThis article will show you how you can schedule an Assignment for your class group
How to allow late turn-in on an AssignmentIf you would like to allow late turn-in so that your learners can still submit their work this article will show you how
Return an assignment for a learner to turn-in againIf a learner has not completed their Assignment correctly and you need them to turn it in again here is how
Learners who do not turn-in their Assignment through SchoolWiseIf a learner physically turns-in their work for an assignment for whatever reason you can still mark it as turned-in and grade their work
How to grade an AssignmentThis article will take you through the process of grading your assignments and the options available to you
Send files or resources back when grading an assignmentIf you need to attach files for the learner when grading an assignment to include with a grade or feedback this article will show you how
How to hide a grade for an Assignment from a learnerIf you would like grades not to be displayed for a learner when you grade an assignment this article will show you how
How to use different grading scales in AssignmentsIf you need to use points instead of percentages when setting an assignment for your class group this is how
How to copy an AssignmentThis article will show you how to reuse an Assignment
How to use differentiated instruction using the Differentiation Bands with AssignmentsIf you want to use differentiated instruction when setting schoolwork or assignments with SchoolWise this article will how you how