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Setup Academic Tracking in SchoolWise
Setup Academic Tracking in SchoolWise

Everything you need to know about getting setup for Academic Tracking in SchoolWise

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To get your SchoolWise platform setup for academic tracking you need to complete a couple of steps along the way. This involves getting your data into SchoolWise and how to keep it up to date. Let's take a look at what you need to get set up.

What data is used for Academic Tracking

There are two main data sets used for academic tracking in SchoolWise. The first is a baseline of each learner's ability or sometimes called potential. We used CAT4 data as the criteria to set this initial baseline. Future CAT4 imports can also be used to set a new baseline such as at the start of a new cycle.

The second is summative assessment data. This is normally carried out in your school MIS/SIS system. This is used as a measure of attainment. We then compare the baseline of each learner's ability to their attainment. There are a number of reports to analyse learner performance for each assessment, across all assessments, subject analysis and learner specific performance.

A holistic approach

Our approach to academic tracking is a holistic approach. We combine academic tracking with a Learner Profile to help understand the person behind "the learner". This helps you see the "big picture" of each learner so you can make the necessary and appropriate interventions to support their journey through your school.

Coupled with this is the continuous assessment that teachers carry out through the Gradebook. This is a measure of each learner's progress and can be used to see the "gaps" between each summative assessment. You don't then need to wait until the next summative assessment to determine if the interventions or supports you put in place are making a positive impact.

Step 1: Importing CAT4 data into the platform

To import your CAT4 data into SchoolWise you will need the original CSV file from GL assessment that contains all the result data from the CAT4 test. Here is an article on how to import your CAT4 data into SchoolWise.

You can import as many CAT4 files as you like including historic data. You can also re-test the learners again such as when they enter a new cycle and SchoolWise will use this as a new baseline while still retaining the previous baseline for past assessments.

Step2: Importing summative assessments into the platform

Depending on your school's MIS/SIS system you can import summative assessment results data into SchoolWse. This needs to be done for each year group after each summative assessment. You can import historic summative assessments in any order you want. Here is an article on how to import summative assessments from VSware.

Once you have completed both steps, your academic tracking reports will be available once SchoolWise processes the data. This normally takes a few minutes but can take up to an hour if you are importing a lot of summative assessments at once. Here are the articles on the reports available and how to use each report.

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