This article will go through each of the reports in the Academic Tracking section located in Learner Support. You can access these reports by clicking on the Reports menu in Learner Support. Depending on your role, you may not have permission to view some of these reports.

List of Academic Tracking reports

  • Track by learner

  • Track by assessment

  • Track by the academic ratio

  • Track by points

  • Analysis by subject (summative)

  • Analysis by learner

Track by learner

This report enables you to select an individual learner and view their academic tracking data across each of their cycles. You can easily track their academic journey for each summative assessment in each cycle. Key metrics included are their CAT4 scores, learner profile data, academic ratio, potential and value add.

Track by assessment (previously track by year group)

You can use this report to analyse the results of each summative assessment. This can be done for each year group by cycle. This makes it easy to spot trends, analyse the performance of each learner and filter any concerns. This report is especially useful once you have just completed a summative assessment and would like to analyse the data. Key metrics include a traffic light system for learners that fall into each zone, and deltas to show how the performance compared to the previous summative assessment. You can filter learners in the red zone, value add and display their CAT4 data on the report for better context.

Track by academic ratio

This is one of the most powerful academic tracking reports that make it easy to spot concerns, highlight trends and quickly identify learners who may require intervention to support their learning. It lets you analyse all the summative assessments for a year group across each cycle. You can then analyse and filter the data quickly. Key metrics include a traffic light system for learners that fall into each zone, the number of times in each zone, by the red zone and a complete view of the value add.

Track by points

This report is similar to the academic ratio report but uses the leaving cert points value for each learner. This is useful to analyse the spread of learners across the points system and for subject choice analysis. Key metrics include deltas from previous summative assessments, highlighting by academic ratio and by year group.

Analysis by subject

This is another powerful report that enables you to analyse the performance of each subject for every year group, across each cycle. This report is not about averages, it determines if each learner is improving or declining for the selected subject. You can see this at a glance for an entire year group. You can also filter down to learners who are below a certain grade for example to view learners who failed. You can even combine this to see learners who have failed but are improving or failed but still declining. This report is based on summative data but a continuous version of the report (data captured by teachers through the gradebook) is coming soon.

Analysis by learner (previously grades by learner)

Through a single report, you can view both the continuous and summative assessments for a learner on one screen. This can be analysed, graphed and you can view the detail for each assessment.

(some exciting updates to this report coming soon)

Context and tagging

Each report has a number of filtering, options and actions to help you delve into the data and take the necessary actions. You also can see the context around each learner as you analyse each report. This holistic view ensures that you have the "full picture" when it comes to deciding on the next steps to support each learner.

You can view a summary of these filters, options and actions in this article.

Additional reports

In addition to the tracking reports which utilise the CAT4 data for a baseline of the learners' ability or potential, you can also run a Screening and analysis cross tab report under the Support for Learning section. This gives you a single pane of glass view of all the screening tests each learner has completed. This can help provide more context around the necessary and appropriate interventions for each learner.

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