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Importing VSware assessment data into SchoolWise
Importing VSware assessment data into SchoolWise

How to import your VSware term or house exam results into SchoolWise

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Getting your assessment data out of VSware and into SchoolWise involves just a couple of steps. This article will walk you through each of them.

1. Export your data from VSware

Go to Assessments then click on Academic Performance. Then select Term report performance.

Here you can choose the base classes and the exam. Simply select all the base classes for the year group and then choose the exam from the next drop-down. Click Go to generate the report.

Once the report is loaded, click on the Edit Table button. Make sure that the following options are selected;

  • Include Study Level

  • Include Points

Once you are done selecting your options click the Export to Excel button. This will save the file onto your computer or device.

2. Prepare the file

Once you have exported the file, you will then need to save it as a "CSV" or "Comma Separated Values". To do this simply open the exported file with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.


  • Click on File and Save As

  • Select CSV (Comma Delimited) in the Save as type

  • Choose the location to save the file

G Suite

  • Click on the File menu

  • Select the Download option and then click Comma-separated values

  • This will download the file to your device

3. Import the file into SchoolWise

Navigate to Learner Support and then click on the Manage button. Then click on the Manage button under the Summative Assessments menu.

Note: You will need privileges to import the file into SchoolWise. If you cannot see the Manage button you do not have the appropriate privileges on your account. Ask your SchoolWise administrator to assign these to your account.

Then click on the Import button under the VSware section to display the import screen

All you now need to do is locate the file you prepared in the previous step by clicking on the uploader. Once you click on the file the import process will start.

Note: this can take a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on the number of learners in the file

When the import has uploaded all the data, any Learners or Subjects will have been matched automatically. A learner that did not match will appear in red (usually no longer in the school). If the learner is no longer in the school you can leave them in red. Any learner who is still present in the school, click their name to display the matching screen.

You can search for the learner by any part of their name to match them. Simply click on their name to select them and then the Assign button to match them.

If a subject does not match you can click on the name of the subject highlighted in red to display the search box. Search for the subject and then click the Assign button. This can happen if you have two subjects with similar names such as English and have both English and English and Communication.

Note: If a subject is highlighted in red and you do not match them, the exam data for that subject will NOT be imported. Please make sure that if you match subjects, you choose the correct subject carefully and that it is the correct subject for the import.

Once everything is matched click Next to proceed to the final screen. Here you need to enter the details of the summative task. Enter a name, the date when the exam took place, and what cycle and year the learners were at the time of the exam. You can optionally enter any comments to help identify the exam later.

Leave the Summative Task/Activity toggle ON to indicate this is a summative exam and to attribute this to the learner's academic tracking. If you disable this toggle, the results will not have any effect on academic tracking.

Finally, the Ignore Error toggle is off indicating that all learners and subjects MUST be matched before you can import. If you want to ignore those learners or subjects that did not match, simply set toggle this to Green. This will ignore any unmatched data and proceed with the import. 

Click the Import button to finish.

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