This article assumes that you have already installed the SchoolWise for Microsoft Teams apps in Office 365. You can check out this article to see how to install the apps.

The apps can be added to as many Microsoft Teams or Channel as you like depending on how your schools Microsoft Teams environment is setup. There are currently three SchoolWise apps available for Microsoft Teams;

  1. Learner Support - This should be installed on a Team that only school management, AEN/learning support, guidance and counselling, year heads and tutors have access to. It contains sensitive information that only these staff members should have access to.

  2. Gradebook - This can be installed on any class Team and will give you all the assessment, reports and other information about your learners for that class.

  3. Curriculum Planner - This is best installed on a Team that you have created for a subject department that only you and your colleagues have access to.

Note: Adding an app to a Team does not grant permission for each Microsoft Team user to use that function of SchoolWise. The user is still required to have the necessary permission in SchoolWise. In other words, if you add the Learner Support app to a Team but do not have the appropriate permission assigned to your account in SchoolWise, you will not see any data.

Let's take a look at how to add a SchoolWise app in Microsoft Teams.

1. Click on the Team where you want to install the app and click on the Add a tab icon.

2. The list of apps available for your school will appear. You can scroll through the apps or just use the search box and enter schoolwise to filter the list. Simply click on the app you want to add to the Team and then click the Add button.

3. This will display the configuration screen for the app. Click on the group to choose a class or department depending on the app you are adding, click the Save Group button to save this setting. Finally, click the Save button at the bottom to save the configuration.

4. That's it! Your app should now be displayed on the list of tabs.

See it in Action

Gradebook for Teams

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You can check out this article to see how to install the apps

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