Many schools use CAT4 screening tests for learners. This data is used throughout the SchoolWise platform and specifically for academic tracking. You have the ability to import this data directly from the CSV that you receive from GL assessment. This will automatically generate a number of reports, set differentiation bands and also help determine those learners who require more investigation from a learner support perspective.

Note: to import CAT4 data you must be part of the correct security roles in SchoolWise. CAT4 must also be enabled in the screening test section.

How to import the CAT4 data

Before you import CAT4 test data whether it is the first import on the platform or an additional import, you should review the cutoff value and differentiation band settings. These values are used by the data during the import to identify learners that require learning support or investigation. The values also determine what differentiation band each learner is allocated to. You can view instructions on how to configure these values by checking out this article.

1. Go to Learner Support and click on Manage. Under the Screening and Analysis section click on the Manage button.

The Screening and Analysis screen will be displayed. Then click on the Import button under the CAT4 section to start the import process.

2. Select the CSV file you downloaded or received from GL assessment with the CAT4 data.

3. Once the data is loaded you will see the matching screen. If any learners in the CSV file failed to match with those learners on SchoolWise, these learners will be highlighted in red.

You simply click on the learner to match them. You can search for part of their first or last name in the box. When the list of learners are displayed, click on the learner to match them and finally the Assign button to complete the process. When you are done matching learners, click the Next button.

Note: if there are learners no longer enrolled in the school simply leave them in red. You can ignore these learners in the next step.
You can click on the Load All Users button to display every learner in your school if you cannot locate them via the search.

4. The final screen is the Details screen where you can enter relevant data about the CAT4 data you are importing.

Year: You must select what year the learners were in when the test was given.

Comments: You can enter a comment to help identify the test (optional)

Date of test: This is usually set automatically but can be selected if not.

Official Scores: This is enabled by default to indicate it was an official GL test

Override differentiation - this will default to disabled. The CAT4 data is used to set differentiation bands for each learner in SchoolWise. If a teacher has changed the differentiation band for a learner in their class/subject, you can override this setting to use the data from CAT4 to set the value instead.

Ignore Error: This is disabled by default meaning all learners in the previous screen MUST be matched to a learner in SchoolWise. If however some learners no longer are attending your school, you can choose to enable this option and ignore those learners that could not be matched. The import process will automatically ignore data for those learners who do not match.

You can view the import once all steps are complete.

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