Many schools use CAT4 tests as a way to determine preferred learning styles and also to benchmark ability in a number of areas. This data contains a huge amount of information that is valuable for all stakeholders within a school.

This data is used throughout the SchoolWise platform so you have the ability to import this data directly from the CSV that you receive from GL assessment. This will automatically generate a number of reports, set differentiation bands and also help determine those who require more investigation from a learner support perspective.

Note: to import CAT4 data you must be part of the correct security roles in SchoolWise. 

How to import the CAT4 data

1. Go to StaffCentral and click on the CAT Results tile

2. You can drag and drop or simply click on the upload box to locate the CSV file on your device

3. Once you have selected the file the results will appear on the screen. You must select a Year Group that you are importing for and also set the Date of Test to indicate when the test actually took place.

You can also modify some options such as;

Official scores - this will default to enabled to indicate that these are official test scores from GL assessment

Override differentiation - this will default to disabled. The CAT4 data is used to set differentiation bands for each learner in SchoolWise. If a teacher has changed the differentiation band for a learner in their class/subject, you can override this setting to use the data from CAT4 to set the value instead.

Ignore Error - this will default to disabled. All learners in the CSV file must be linked to a learner in SchoolWise. If however some learners no longer are attending your school, you can choose to enable this option. The import process will automatically ignore data for those learners who do not match.

Note: you can optionally put in a comment to describe the data you are importing such as "2019 first years"

4. Learners that are marked in red did not match any learner in the platform. This can be caused to spelling mistakes in the CSV file, double barrel names, accents or a fada. To match these learners correctly simply click on their name to bring up the Assign User box.

Simply type part of their first name or part of their last name. As you start to type the learners that match will be displayed. Click on the learner and then click the Assign button to match them correctly.

5. Once you have matched all the remaining learners (or you can choose to ignore these and not import the data for those that do not match) and completed the necessary steps, click the Import button. This will then display the results of the import.

6. If you need to view this import or any previous imports, you can use the Search option on the CAT Results screen.

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