If you need to add, edit or remove members of a security role in SchoolWise, you can access this screen from Learner Support. This screen also allows you to view the existing members of each role.

Note: if you need to create a custom dynamic security role then check out the instructions in this article

Let's take a look at where you can access this screen and how to manage the members of a role

Note: Only members of the Management role by default can access this screen.

How to access the Dynamic Security Roles screen

Click on the Manage menu in Learner Support and then under Settings click the Manage button.

Click on the Dynamic Security Roles button to access the roles screen.

This will then display the Dynamic Security Role screen where you can see the list of roles, the members, the type of role (system or custom) along with the Edit button.

Add or edit the members of a role

Click on the Edit button next to a role to bring up the manage screen.

If you need to remove a member from the role simply click the X next to their name in the Users field. To add a new member, simply start typing their name or click on them from the list below. Once you are done click the Update button to save your changes.

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