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Using CAT4 test data to determine learning support and differentiation bands
Using CAT4 test data to determine learning support and differentiation bands

How to set cutoff value for identifying leaners for learning support and putting learners into differentiation bands based on CAT4 data

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Importing your CAT4 data into SchoolWise is used for a baseline of each learners ability or potential, but it is also used for other purposes. One of those is to help identify learners that may require learning support, or prompt further investigation and screening tests. The other is allocating learners to a differentiation band for teachers in a subject area.

You can set the cutoff value for those learners that require investigation or support, thresholds for the differentiation bands and even the names for each differentiation band. Let's take a look at how you can set these values.

1. Go to Learner Support and click on Manage. Under the Screening and Analysis section click on the Manage button.

The Screening and Analysis screen will be displayed. Then click on the Manage button under the CAT4 section.

2. Click on the Options button to display the CAT4 options panel. This will allow you to see the differentiation bands and the cutoff value for require investigation or support.

Set a cutoff value for learners that require investigation or support

The Requires Investigation support value that is set on a learner profile when you import CAT4 data is a temporary value. It is used initially to identify or flag learners that may require learning support or further investigation. Once you have assessed the learner individually to determine where they are on the continuum of support (all, some or few) you should edit this value.

You can adjust the slider under the Investigation / Support section to set the value that works best for your school or use the default value. When any CAT4 data is imported this value will be used to set the learner's support value to Requires Investigation.

When you are searching for learners across the continuum of support, you can select Requires Investigation from the support drown-down. You can also use this in conjunction with the Year Group selector. For example, if you have just imported CAT4 data for First Years and you would like to see all the learners in that year group who require investigation based on the cutoff value you set. You would simply select Requires Investigation from the support drop-down and select First Years from the year group drop-down.

You can also see the support value when you open a learners profile. This is displayed under the Learner Details section. This is also where you can change the value by clicking the Edit button.

Configuring the differentiation bands

You can use the sliders on the differentiation band to adjust the thresholds for each band. The value for each band is displayed above each slider. There are three bands which you can configure.

You can also change the name of a differentiation band by double-clicking on it. This will display the Band Editor panel. You can change both the Band Label along the Band Descriptor. These will appear on the CAT4 report along with other screens and reports for teachers in the Gradebook.

CAT4 Report in the Gradebook

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