You can import external data from screening tests you carry out in your school. This can be from CAT4, NGRT, PTM and other tests. To see what external tests are supported simply follow the instructions in this article. We are continuously adding support for screening tests in SchoolWise.

Note: You must have permission granted to access these screens if you are not in the built-in management role in SchoolWise

When you have imported data for a test, this data will also be available on the learner profile screen and an accompanying report will appear in the Gradebook for teachers (if available for that type of test).

How to enable support for screening tests

1. Click on the Manage menu in Learner Support and then click on the Manage button under Screening and Analysis

2. The Screening and Analysis screen will show you what tests are currently enabled on your platform. Click on the Options button to enable tests and to see what tests are supported

You can then set the toggle to enabled for each screening test you would like available in SchoolWise

Once enabled, you will now see the test listed on the Screening and Analysis screen. This will allow you to import the data from the test and view the analysis reports.

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