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Single view of all the screening tests for a year group on one report

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If you use a number of screening tests in your school such as CAT4, NGRT, PTM, etc. and have imported these to SchoolWise, you can now view a cross tab report that will combine the results of these tests in one report.

Accessing the report

You can access the report under the Support for Learning section of Learner Support.

Simply select a year from the Year Group drop-down filter to display the result data. This will display the data from any screening tests that you have enabled on the platform and imported data.

You can use the Options panel to show or hide any of the screening test data. Simply set the toggle to disabled to hide the screening test.

You can use the Actions panel to show the details of the screening test or use the Tag feature to tag the learner. You can learn more about how to use the reports here.

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