Sending a message to multiple class groups couldn't be easier. Follow these simple steps.

Note: if you want to see how you can message an individual, check out this article.

  1. Once you are in the Messages section, Click on the Compose New Message button. 

2. A new window will appear where you can compose your message. In the box  under Send to, start to type the Subject of the class groups that you would like to send the message to. Then, the groups will appear and you can select which ones you wish to send the message to. 

3. But importantly, if you wanted a specific year group, you would type % and the number of the year group after the subject. For example, if I type 'science%3' this would bring up all the science class groups in third year.

4.  Compose your message and Click on the Send button. 

See it in action

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