This article will demonstrate how you can add and delete Learner Attributes in Learner Support. 

Note: if you want to add tags in Learner Support, check out this article.

To add a Learner Attribute: 

1. In a Learner Profile, you can add and delete Learner Attributes. For this example, I have selected +Add... in the Social, Emotional and Mental Health Category. 

3. A pop-up window will appear where you can choose a Tag to add.  

4. When you have selected the tag of your choosing, go ahead and click Tag. Now, this tag will be added into the 'Social, Emotional and Mental Health Category' in 'Learner Attributes'. 

To delete a Learner Attribute:

  1. Navigate to the Learner Attributes and Click the x on the attribute that you want to erase. 

2. Now, the attribute has been delete as shown below. 

See it in action

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