How to search for a learner

This article will show you how you can search for a specific learner in Learner Support

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If you need to find a learner in your school this article will show you how.

1. When you are in Learner Support, simply navigate to Learners and click in the Learner field as shown. Just start typing the name of the learner you wish to search for. You can include all or part of there name.

For example if I was searching for Caoimhe Dawson I could type 'cao' or 'daw'. This is important if you are searching for some learners who may have an accent, fada, or apostrophe in their name.

2.  Then, click on the Search button to locate the learners who match your criteria.

3. Now that the learners have been filtered, simply click the learner you are looking for to bring up their learner profile.

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