So you have set Schoolwork for your class group and enabled the Track work turned-in option. This means that you want to track if each learner physically completes and turns-in their work to you. Let's take a look at how this can be done.

1. Click on the Assignments tile in your class group

2. In the list of Assignments that you have set the class group locate the Schoolwork. You will notice a Turned-in section which will display how many learners have turned-in their work. Click on this to display the Track Schoolwork panel.

3. You will notice that all learners will have the Turned-in toggle enabled. You only need to mark learners who have not turned-in their work. Here is what each column represents;

Include - this is if the learner should be included in the tracking. If a learner was absent or exempt from completing the work you can toggle this off.

Turned-in - you use this to mark if the learner has turned-in their work or not. This is enabled for all learners by default.

Late - you can use this to track if the work was turned-in late and even choose a specific reason

Comments - you only need to use this if you want to record any notes or comments for you. The learner will not see these comments.

4. Once you are done click the Save button. If you need to run a schoolwork report take a look at this article.

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