1. Click on Staff Central then click on Subject Departments to display the list

2. You then then either search for a department or scroll through the list. When you have located the department simply click on its name

3. When you are in a department click on the Subject Planner tileĀ 

4. On the Subject Planner screen choose the cycle from the dropdown and then click on the Level for the Year that you want to view the planning for

5. This will then display all the planning from all department members for that year. There is two views to look at, Lesson View and Unit View. You can choose the department member from the dropdown to display their plan.

  • Lesson View is the default view that will be shown. This will show all the individual Lessons that teacher has created and when then have scheduled to deliver them.

  • Unit View is the entire plan. This will show each Unit of Learning and all of the Lessons the teacher has built for that unit. Each unit will be in a different colour.

Lesson View

Unit View

6. You can click on the name of the Unit or Lesson to view its contents. This will be displayed in a slide out panel. You can then navigate through the tabs to display the contents.

Unit Panel

Lesson Panel

7. You can also save or print an individual Unit of Learning by clicking the print icon at the bottom of each Unit. If you would like to save or print the entire plan click the Print Units button.

See it in action

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