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Create or edit a Dynamic Security Role Group
Create or edit a Dynamic Security Role Group

If you need to group roles together to limit access to learner support items such as notes then this article will show you how

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Learner Support has items such as notes, conversations, ILP's etc. Access to these items is available to anyone who can access the learner profile of a specific learner in Learner Support. This is with the exception of notes. Notes can have their own individual view setting that prevents other roles from viewing the note.

By default, there are two built-in system roles where members of either role can set the view setting for the note. These are Guidance and Counselling and Management. To understand how each of these roles can access notes, take a look at this article.

If you need to add other options for the view setting on a note, that is where Dynamic Security Role Groups help you.

A Dynamic Security Role Group enables you to do the following;

  1. Group together both built-in security roles or custom roles

  2. Restrict who can view a note using the role group

For example, you could create a new role group called Senior Leadership Team and add the built-in system roles for management, guidance and counselling along with year heads to the new role group. You would then be able to limit the view setting on a note to Viewable by Senior Leadership Team Only. You can create a new security role group that maps to existing structures already in place within your school. Let's take a look at how this works.

Create a Dynamic Security Role Group

1. Click on the Manage button on the Learner Support main menu, and then under the Settings panel click the Manage button.

2. On the Settings screen, click on the Dynamic Security Role Groups button.

3. This will display the Dynamic Security Role Groups screen where you will see any existing role groups that you have created. Click on the New button to begin creating the new role group.

4. This will display the create screen for the new dynamic security role group. There are three fields for you to complete. These fields are;

  • Name of the role group - this will be displayed on the note screen

  • Description of the role - so you can easily identify the purpose of the role group

  • Security roles - this determines what roles will be members of the group

Enter a name and a description (optional) for the new dynamic security role group. Then, simply click on each Security role you want to be a member of the role group. The list will include both built-in system roles and custom security roles.

Click the Create button to finish creating the dynamic security role group. This new role group will now appear in the list.

How to enable the view setting for a note using the new role group

Any user that is a member of any role assigned to the new role group will be able to change the view setting on a note. This will be possible for new and existing notes. Let's take a look at how you can enable the view setting.

1. Create a new note or open an existing note on a learner profile.

2. The view setting toggle for the new security role group will be displayed. To enable the view setting simply click on the toggle until it is green.

Only those people who are members of any role in the new role group will be able to view the note on the learner profile.

Note: the user must be able to view the learner profile in the first place before being able to enable the view setting.

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