Adding and removing users from a role

If you need to add or remove people from a role, or just verify who is in a role, this article will show you how

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User Manager in SchoolWise enables you to add people to class groups, department groups, social groups and security roles. However, sometimes you need to add or remove multiple people to a security role. You might also want to review who has access to the different security roles in the platform which at a minimum should be done at the start and end of the academic year.

Note: you must be part of the Full Administration role in order to access User Manager

1. Log in to SchoolWise, go to StaffCentral and then click on the User Management

2. Click on the Manage Roles button on the top right of the screen

3. The list of roles for the platform will be displayed along with the number of members in each role. Simply click on the role that you want to manage.

4. This will display the list of users currently in the role. You can click the X next to a user to remove them.

If you want to add a user just search for their name in the search box. Click on the user in the list of results to add them to the role. When you are finished click Done.

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