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How to set an Assignment using an Office 365 document that can be edited by your learners
How to set an Assignment using an Office 365 document that can be edited by your learners

If you want each learner to get their own copy of an Office 365 document that they can turn-in, this article will show you how

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If your school uses Microsoft Office 365 and you would like to attach a document to an Assignment that you want each of your learners to be able to edit their own copy, this article will walk you through how you do this in SchoolWise.

Note: if you want to use a new Office document for your learners to edit then check out this article

How you can set an assignment using an Office 365 document that can be edited by your learners

1. In your class group, click on the Assignments tile. 

2. Then click on the Set Assignment button.

3. The Assignment panel will appear where you can enter in the details of the assignment. Complete the details and then, click the Attach Reference Material button.

4. This will display the Select Files panel where you can browse from a number of different locations. Once you have selected your file, click the Attach button. You will be notified that your reference material has been successfully added to your assignment.

Note: when you are selecting a file for learners to edit their own copy, this must be a Microsoft document (Word, Excel or PowerPoint).

5. The file will be attached with the option Learners can't edit. This means your learners can only view the file. Click on the ellipse (context) menu to display the available options.

Then click on the option Learners can edit their own copy. This should place a checkmark next to it.

Your learners will now get their own copy of the file which will open in Office 365 automatically. Let's take a look at how it looks for them.

How your learners edit the Office 365 document on the assignment

1. Your learners will see the assignment and are asked to turn-in their work. They simply click View link as normal.

2. The Assignment Turn-in panel will be displayed. The file you attached will be in the Your work to turn-in section for the learner. They simply click on the file to begin editing.

3. The document will launch the application in Office 365 online where they can go ahead and begin editing the file.  

4. As this is saved automatically, your learners will not have to worry about where to store or attach the file. Once they have completed their work on the document, they need to click on the Turn In button. This will send their work back to you to review and grade.


How you can view your learners turned-in work

1. In your Assignments section in your class group, as learners start turning in their work, you will see the Turned-in number increment. Simply click on the Turned-in number to see who has turned-in their work.

2. The Grade panel will appear where you view who has turned in work for the assignment. Click on the learner to view their work where you will see the file. Just click on the file to open it.

3. You can enter any comments or markup the document in Office 365 for your learners to see. Finally, you can grade the assignment as normal proving a grade and feedback.

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