Tags are a great way to group or segment learners within a particular year group or right across the entire school. Image if you had a tag called 'Computer Science' and you then tagged all the learners in say sixth year who were interested in taking a computer science course in third level.

Learner support would then enable you to search all learners in sixth year who were tagged with 'Computer Science'. You could then send a message to those learners to let them know a guest speaker was coming next week to provide information and give a talk on the course.

How to tag a learner:

  1.  In a Learner Profile, Scroll down until you come to Learner Attributes, you will see Tags, Simply click on the + Add Tag... button.

2.  This will display the Tag Learners pop-up window where you can select a Tag from the list.

3. Just click on a Tag to add it to the list. You can click on as many tags as you like to add to the list.

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