How to message learners when in the main menu:

  1. When you are in Learner Support, you can select learners to message by filtering them whichever way you choose. An example below:

2. For this example, I have selected the 'tag', Law. This means any learner that is tagged with Law, will appear.

3. Then, click Search.

4. Now, only the learners with the 'tag', Law will be shown. Once you are happy with your selected learners, go ahead and Click Message as shown below.

5. Then, a drop-down will appear where you have the option to select All/Selected, First Years, Second Years, Third Years, Fourth Years, Fifth Years and Sixth Years.

6. Another window will appear where you can start composing your message to your selected learners. Write in the subject and message boxes. Then, once you are happy with your message, Click Send. Now, your message will be sent out to all learners that were in the recipients box.

How to message a learner in their Learner Profile:

  1. When you are in specific Learner Profile, Click on the button Start Conversation, as shown below.

2. A pop-up window will appear where you can compose your message to your learner. Write in the Subject box and the Message box. If you want to 'Keep Track of Conversation' toggle the button to green or red if you wouldn't like to. Also, to 'Send a Copy of This Message To Management' toggle the button to green, if not, leave it on red.

3. When you are happy with your composed message. Click on the button Send. Your message will now be sent to your learner.

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