So if a student has turned-in their work for an Assignment and it is either incomplete, missing a key component or just want them to try harder, you can return their work. This will require the student to turn-in their work again. Let's take a look at how this works in SchoolWise.

1. When you have the Grade panel opened and have reviewed their Work turned-in, you will see a Return to the student button. When you click this button the student will now appear as if never have turned-in their work.

2. The student will receive a notification letting them know that their work has been returned to them. They will now be able to turn-in their work again and the Assignment tile will increment again letting them know it is due.

3. If you want to explain to the student why the work was returned and any additional instructions to them on how they can improve the work turned-in, you can click the Message button next to the students name. This will bring up the Compose Message box. Once you have entered your message just click the Send button.

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