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How to set Schoolwork with a class group
How to set Schoolwork with a class group

If you want to set homework, classwork or a task for your learners this article will explain how

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Schoolwork is a quick and easy way to set work for your learners. If you simply want to give them instructions, let them know when it's due and optionally attach some reference material to help them complete the task, then this is for you.

It does not require your learners to turn-in anything through SchoolWise however, you can track if they have turned-in their work to you physically or if you want to acknowledge that they completed the task. This allows you to keep track of their work. There is no option to grade schoolwork only to track turn-ins.

Let's explore some of the uses for Schoolwork

  • Setting homework - give your learners a task to do by a certain date and even include reference material for them to get started. This could be to complete something in their copies after watching an example on a YouTube video you attached.

  • Setting classwork - quickly set the class a task and issue them instructions on what it is they are to complete such as a link to an online quiz.

  • Track work - if you set your class a task such as a handout that you want to be completed by the next class, you can track what learners physically turned-in the completed handout.

Note: if you want to set an Assignment with a class group, check out this article.

How to set Schoolwork

1. Navigate to the class group where you would like to set Schoolwork and then click on the Assignments tile. There you will see a button called Set Schoolwork. Click on this button to display the Schoolwork panel.

2. Here you can enter a Title for the schoolwork, Due date and any Instructions that you want your learners to follow. You can use the editing toolbar to highlight or emphasise important information in your instructions such as bold, underline, bullets or even colour.

3. If you want to include some reference materials such as a link to a video/website, presentation or document to help your learners complete the schoolwork just click on the Attach Reference Material button. You can attach from any location such as your OneDrive/Google Drive, a link on the internet, the staff learning resources library or even your PC or device.

4. You can optionally track if learners turn-in their work to you. In this example, we asked each learner to create an A4 poster. Toggling the Track work turned-in to green will allow me to do this. This can be useful if you ask your learners to complete a physical piece of work either in the copies, handout or event a sketch.
​Note: If you decide to track Schoolwork you will need to record this for each learner much like you would a roll call. Schoolwork does not let learners turn-in their work through SchoolWise you would set an Assignment for this.
​5. Once you have entered the details and configured your options, just click the Set button. Each learner will receive a notification that the work was set and it will appear in their assignments page. You can see how this works in the article How to use Assignments in SchoolWise

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