Users are automatically added to their departments and class groups from the sync with your SIS/MIS. However, if you would like to add someone to a department or class group, you can easily do this once you are in the Full Administration role and have permissions to manage users. 

This can be useful for PME teachers, team teaching or for temporary access for a time to a class group. It can also be useful to add an SNA to a group to support a student.

Note: If you manually add someone to a department or class group, you will need to manually remove them when they no longer require access.

If you remove someone from a department or class group that is part of your SIS/MIS sync, the next time the sync runs it may put the person back in the department or class group. In that case, you would need to remove access for them in your SIS/MIS system.

1. Log in to SchoolWise, go to StaffCentral and then click on the User Management.

2. You can then search for the user that you want to edit by typing part of their name or email address into the Search term box. Simply click on the user that you want to edit.

3. On the panel click on the Add new role or group link to display the Role panel.

4. On the Role panel you then click on Class, Staff or Security Group depending on which type of group you want to add to the user. Just click on each of the departments or groups to highlight them in green and then click the Add button.

5. If you want to remove a user from a group just click on the Remove icon next to the group.

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