What is a Learning Experience

Everything you need to know about these classroom activities and including them in your subject planning

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Learning experiences are used in both Unit of Learning and in Lesson Plans so what exactly are the and how can I use them?

To put it simply a Learning Experience is what will happen in the classroom - what you will do with your students.

Learning experiences are linked to a Learning Outcome or can be linked to multiple outcomes in a unit. So what will you do in the classroom to help students acquire the knowledge, skills, understanding of a learning outcome.

n example of a learning experience in Business Studies could be with the class to bring up a couple of case studies in a PowerPoint or OneNote (which you can attach as a learning resource) to examine advising consumers in different scenarios or it could be a walking debate to discuss consumer responsibilities.

So learning experiences can be the class, group or individual and the can be walk, talk, discussion or using content such as keynote, worksheet, website, video or even tools such as OneNote or padlet.

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