The assessment list report is useful when you want to view all assessments for a class group. You can view the grade information along with editing or deleting an assessment too.

Let's take a look at how to view an Assessment List report

Click on the Reports button and select the List report

This will display the List report of all the assessments for your class group. You will see the assessment title, date and the type of assessment. You can also see who turned-in or completed the assessment along with the average grade. There is also an Actions button which enables you to View or Edit the assessment.

Note: You cannot edit assessments entered by another teacher or an imported summative assessment.

Timeframe and Assessment Type Filters

You can also use the Timeframe and Assessment Type filters to easily locate assessments easily. Use the timeframe filters to display assessments for the previous years. The All Time filter will display all assessments for the class group in SchoolWise.

You can even use the Custom time filter to search for assessments for a specific time period. This can be used along with the Assessment Type filter if you want to filter all assignments for example in a specific period.

The Assessment Type filter makes it easy to filter the types of assessments in that time frame. Simply select the type from the drop-down or leave it blank to display all assessment types.

Printing and exporting

You can print or export the assessment list report information by clicking the icon. Select PDF for a printable report or CSV to export a file which you can open in another application such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

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