One of the benefits of importing your CAT4 data into SchoolWise is that you have it all in one place. This enables you to easily bring up a report on any historic imported data. You can see this data for an entire year group and instantly bring up individual CAT4 data for an individual learner.

1. Go to Learner Support and click on Manage. Under the Screening and Analysis section click on the Manage button.

The Screening and Analysis screen will be displayed. Then click on the Import button under the CAT4 section to start the import process.

2. You can then use the time frame filter and optionally, the year group filter to display the list of previously imported CAT4 data. Simply click on the import that you want to view the data for and then click Select.

3. This will display a report of the imported CAT4 data. You can select a different import by clicking on the Select Import button.

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