When we set up your platform, all user information including a persons email address is synced from your schools SIS/MIS system. This is what we use to authenticate them when they log in to SchoolWise. If we do not get an email address as part of the sync then we generate one using the pattern you use. This is a 'best match' scenario and is not 100% accurate. If your school uses a mixture of patterns for either or both staff and student emails, then this would cause further issues.

To help with this, you can cross-check the emails you have in your Google Workspace with what we have generated in SchoolWise. You can also resolve any of the users who failed to match. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Export a list of users from your Google Workspace

The first step is to get a list of all the active users in your Google Workspace so we can then use this to cross-check the email addresses in SchoolWise.

1. Log in to https://admin.google.com and expand the Users menu and then click Active users

2. Then click on the Download users button on the menu.

Choose Currently selected columns and select the format Comma-separated values (.csv). Finally, click the Download button.

3. The CSV file will download and save to your Downloads folder

Import the list of users into SchoolWise and cross-check the list

The second step is to now import this file into SchoolWise to perform the cross-checking. This will highlight anyone who does not match with the email address list in the CSV file you just exported from Google Workspace.

1. Open User Manager in SchoolWise and click on the Menu button. Then click CSV Import to display the import screen.

2. Click on the download box to select the CSV file from your downloads folder (or drag-and-drop the file)

3. This will then display the list of users in SchoolWise whose email does not exist in the CSV file from Google Workspace and allow you to match/verify them.

4. Simply click on a user to match them by searching for either their first or last name. If their name has fada's, apostrophes, accents, etc. it is best to search for part of their name rather than the whole word. Once you have found the correct email click the Assign button to match them.

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