One of the best things about the Gradebook in SchoolWise is having all your assessments in one place. If you are using Assignments in Microsoft Teams to assess your learners through Forms, OneNote or Documents you will be delighted to hear that you can import these assignments directly into SchoolWise without any double entry!

You can choose the Teams assignments that you want to import into SchoolWise. The results of these assignments will be included in all our analysis and reporting along with all your other assessments in SchoolWise. Let's take a look at how you import the assignments.

Note: When you are importing assignments from Microsoft Teams, it is important the email address for your learners must match on both platforms. If any learner emails do not match, the assignments for those students will not be imported.

1. Open the Gradebook App for Teams and click on the Add Grade button

2. Click on the Import option and then click Next

3. Then click on Microsoft Teams as the import location and click Next

4. Navigate to the correct class team to display the list of assignments. You can then click on the assignments that you would like to import into SchoolWise. If you have previously imported an assignment, it will be highlighted in green with Previously Imported. Once you have selected the assignments that you want simply click the Import button.

Note: If you import an assignment that you have previously imported, all the assessment information such as the grade and feedback will be overwritten in SchoolWise. This is useful if you import an assignment from Teams but some learners did not turn-in their work or you did not return the assignment at the time of the import.

5. Once the assignments are finished importing, you will be redirected to the List report in the gradebook. If any errors are detected in the import, these will be displayed in orange with Imported with errors. You can click on this to see the errors.

As you can see in the example below, Liam Murphy does not exist in SchoolWise. this could be because Liam Murphy is no longer in the class or the school. In this case, the error can be safely ignored. If the email address for Liam is incorrect, it will need to be rectified in SchoolWise to match his login for Teams. Once this is done, the assignment can be imported again to import his data.

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