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Create and manage social groups

If you need to create groups for extra-curricular activities, clubs or other social and school purposes then here is how

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Social Groups in SchoolWise is a great way to bring together people to share updates, content, resources or even just for messaging. Social Groups can be created for a variety of purposes such as student council, sports teams, computer club or even the school play.

Let's take a look at how you can create a Social Group, the options and how you would manage members of the group.

Creating a Social Group

Any teacher can create a social group. You can do this by visiting the Social Groups page and clicking the Create New Group button.

Simply give your group a name. You can optionally enter a description and choose an icon for the group.

Make sure to set the Accessibility option for the group. This will determine who can see the group and how membership can be managed. There are three options available which are;

  • Public - Anyone who visits the Social Groups page will see the group in the list and can click a Join button to become a member of the group

  • Public and Review New Members - Checking this option means that you will receive a notification in SchoolWise every time a person clicks the Join button. You will need to grant or deny them access to become a member of the group.

  • Private - Nobody can see the group in the list other than the members of the group. There will be no way to join the group. You will manually have to add members to the group

Once you have entered a name and selected the Accessibility option, go ahead and click the Create Group button.

Managing Members

To manage the members of a social group click on the Members tile to see who is currently a member of the group. Then click the Manage Members button.

Adding a new member

Type the first or last name of a person into the search box and a list will appear. Just click on the person you want to add to the group and click the Add button. You can add as many members as you wish to the group.

Removing a member

Simply click the Remove Member button on the persons card to remove them from the group.

Note: if you have set the group as Public the person can add themselves back to the group using the Join button.

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