Group documents can be a great place to store, organise and plan learning resources specific to a class group in SchoolWise. You can upload documents and files from anywhere including the learning resources folder but what about other online content. This could be links to websites, a YouTube video, Quizlet, Padlet, Prezi and lots of other online resources. Let's take a look how you can store these in Group Documents.

1. Open the Group Documents page for your class group and click on the Upload Files button

2. Click on the From URL tab. Simply enter a friendly name of the online resource and then paste in the link to the website, app, video, etc. into the resource box. Once you are done just click the Add button and then click Close to finish.

3. The link to the online resource will now appear in the list of resources. Your learners just click on the resource to access it.

Note: You can add a resource to the Learning Resources library in the same way. Adding it to the Learning Resources library means that you can share it with any group in SchoolWise rather than creating it for each group every time.

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