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Send files or resources back when grading an assignment
Send files or resources back when grading an assignment

If you need to attach files for the learner when grading an assignment to include with a grade or feedback this article will show you how

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Sometimes when you review the work turned-in by a learner and then grade them, it is useful to send back some support material for extra guidance. This could be an exemplar, revision material specific to their needs or a photo of corrected work.

The learner will receive any attachments that you include when grading an assignment along with their grading information. Let's take a look at how this works.

How to send files back when grading an assignment

1. Go to the Assignments page in your class group. Then click on Turned-in for the assignment that you want to grade.

2. When the grading panel opens, click on a leaner to begin grading their assignment.

3. You will see a section called Send back for the learner along with an Attach button. Go ahead and click on the button to select any files that you want to send back with the graded assignment.

You can select a file from any location including a link on the internet to a resource or video, from the department Learning Resources library or even your PC/Device.

4. Once you have completed your grading information and attaching any files you want to send back, go ahead and click the Grade button.

What does the learner see

Let's take a look at how the learner accesses the files or resources that you have attached for them.

1. When you grade an assignment, your learners will receive a notification. They click on the link in the notification to take them to their assignments.

2. The assignment will be marked as Graded and they can click on the View button to see their grade.

3. This will automatically display the Grade tab with the grading information. There will be an Attached by your teacher section where they will see any files that you attached for them.

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