Posts in a group journal appear in the order of when the were posted but sometimes you need to keep important information or content displayed all the time so it does not get lost. Pinning a post enables you to keep it right at the top and highlight it.

You can pin as many posts as you like but it is a good idea to keep this to only one or two. Once you unpin a post it will go back in the order it was posted. Let's take a look at how this works.

1. Create your post as normal and share it with the group.

Note: You can also pin an existing post including those made by a learner

2. Hover over or touch the post to display the pin option. Click on the pin icon to pin your post.

3. The post will appear at the top and have a green highlight.

4. Any further posts you make to the group will now appear under the pinned post.

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