It has never been easier to create and share a Microsoft Teams meeting with a class group in SchoolWise. We automate the process for you without having to leave SchoolWise or set anything up in Teams. Let's take a look at how.

1. Make sure you are on the Group Activity page for your class group where you will see a New Meeting tile. Click on the tile to begin creating the meeting.

2. Enter in the details for the meeting such as the Meeting subject the Start Date and finally the Meeting duration. Once you are done just click the Create button.

3. The meeting is now created and automatically shared with the group as a new post. You can start the meeting by clicking on the link and your learners can join the meeting by clicking on the same link.

The post is also pinned meaning that it will always stay at the top of the group activity journal until you either unpin or delete the post.

4. The meeting is automatically added to the School Calendar on the School Central page. You and your learners can click on the event and see the link to start or join the meeting.

The event will also appear in the class group calendar too.

Recurring Meetings

If you need to create a recurring meeting with the class group, you can enable the recurring meeting option. This will allow you to create a meeting that repeats on certain days of the week.

1. When you are creating the meeting click on the is this a recurring meeting? option.

2. Then simply set the following options;

  • Repeat until - select the date when you would like the recurring meeting to stop. For example, if you would like the meeting to repeat until the end of the month or until mid-term.

  • Repeats every - choose how often do you want the meeting to be repeated, every week, every second or third week of the month.

  • Repeat every - click on the day or days of the week should it repeat

Once you are done just click the Create button to create the meeting.

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