We have a number of Microsoft Teams apps that bring SchoolWise right inside your Team. First, you need to install these apps to the Teams Store. Once this is completed teachers can then add the app to their team. Let's take a look at the steps you need to take.

1. Navigate to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center and click on Teams apps and then Manage apps. Then click on the Upload button to begin the process.

2. Click on the Select a file button and select the SchoolWise app package from your device. If you do not have the app packages just reach out to us to obtain these.

3. Once you select the app package it will automatically be installed to Microsoft Teams and you will receive a confirmation message.

4. To confirm the installation you can search for schoolwise from the list of apps. The SchoolWise app should be now on the list. Just ensure that the status is Allowed. If the app status is Blocked just click on the name of the app and set it to Allowed.

5. Next, click on the Org-wide app settings button on the top right. Make sure that the Allow third-party apps, Allow any new third-party apps published to the store by default and the Allow interaction with custom apps are all set to On.

6. The app should now be displayed when you try to add a new tab to a team. Just search for the new app to see it in the list. Click on the app to display the configuration page where you should see the TenantID. You will need to send us this value if you are setting up the apps for the very first time.

How to add a SchoolWise app to Microsoft Teams

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