When you make a post in a class group it will only be visible by your teacher. You will have the option of making the posts available to the rest of the class group if you wish. Sharing with the class group can be useful when instructed by your teacher for things like peer review, progress on projects or to share examples of work with the rest of the class group.

Let's take a look at the options that are available!

Note: you cannot change the visibility setting once you make the post. You will need to delete the original post and post it again.

Default option

When post to the group, the default option is that only your teacher will be able to view the post. You can confirm this by clicking on the Visibility icon when you are making the post.

This means that nobody else will be able to view the post in the class group other than your teacher.

Let everyone else in the class group view the post

If you would like to make the post visible to everyone in the class group, change the option by clicking on the Visibility icon and setting the option to Group.

This means everyone in the class group can now view your post.

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