If you want to view and monitor the level of engagement for your learners in a class group, this report is available to you in the Gradebook. Here is how you access the report.

1. Click on the Gradebook tile in your class group where you would like to view the report, then click on the Reports button

2. You will then see a list of reports, go ahead and click on the Engagement report

3. The Enagement report will then be displayed. You can adjust the Time Frame to refine the results for the period you would like.

A group summary will appear at the top showing you details of turn-in rates, activity in the group journal and the attendance rate from your MIS system.

You will then see each learner, their Last Seen date and time which is the last time they logged in to SchoolWise. You will also see the number of assignments they have Turned-in and Not Turned-in, along with the number of Posts each learner has made in the group journal.

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