If you need to see any active assignments that your teachers have set you across all your subjects then this article will show you how.

1. Click on the Assignments tile from the SchoolCentral page

2. This will take you to the Assignments page in your profile. If you have any Active Assignments the will be listed on this page automatically. Each Assignment will display the class group that it is for.

Note: If you have no active assignments you will automatically be shown historic assignments set for each of your groups under the View by Group section.

3. Your teacher can set you Schoolwork or an Assignment. You can see which of these is set on each one.

4. Click the View link on each assignment to see the details such as the instructions, any reference material and to turn-in your work if it is an assignment.

Example of Schoolwork

Think of schoolwork as traditional work where you are given instructions, a due date to complete the work and maybe some reference material to help you complete the work.

You cannot attach and turn-in your schoolwork through SchoolWise as it is not an assignment but simply work that your teacher is instructing you to complete.

Example of an Assignment

An assignment is where your teacher expects you to turn-in your work through SchoolWise. This is the difference between schoolwork and an assignment. You will see the instructions, a due date and any reference material. Your teacher might even specify what you need to turn-in.

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