How to view your assignments

Let's take a look at the different ways you can view your assignments in SchoolWise.


When you log in to SchoolWise you will see the SchoolCentral page. To the right of the page is where you will see all your active assignments. The assignments will be in the order that they are due.

Assignments displayed under Due next are due within the next two days. This means you should work on these assignments first. If you see any assignments under Coming up for the week, these are due within the next five days.

You can click on an assignment which will take you to the assignments page just for that class. You can also click on the All assignments button which will show you all the active assignments for all your classes.

Where ever you are in SchoolWise, you will find the Assignments button on the top right of your screen.

Clicking on this button will take you to the assignments for all your classes. Again the assignments are shown in the order of there due date.

When you are already in a class

If you are already viewing a page for your class, you will see there is an Assignments tile in the group. It will display the number of assignments due just for the class. You can click on the tile to view the assignments page.

The assignments page will show any assignments Due next and past assignments organised by the month.

How do I view the instructions for the assignment?

Click the View button to see the details of the assignment such as the instructions, any reference material and if you need turn-in your work.

What is the difference between schoolwork and an assignment?

Think of schoolwork as traditional homework where you are given instructions, the due date of when it must be completed by and maybe some resources or examples to help you complete the work.

You do not turn-in any work online on SchoolWise when your teachers set you schoolwork. However, they may ask you to complete the work physically in your copybook or otherwise.

Schoolwork is in a different colour and will have the label Schoolwork displayed on it too.


An assignment is similar to schoolwork but your teachers require you to turn-in your work on SchoolWise.

When you click on an assignment, your teacher may have already attached a file or document for you to edit. Otherwise, you can click on the Attach my work button to attach any files, photos or documents from your device.


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