If you would like to change your notification settings in SchoolWise from sending you an email once a day to a more frequent schedule, let's take look at how you can modify these settings.

1. Go to the profile page by clicking on the profile menu and then clicking the Profile option.

2. Then go ahead and click on the Edit button to change your profile settings

3. Here you can adjust your email notification frequency. This determines how often you want to be notified when you receive a new message or when you receive a notification in SchoolWise. The options are;

  • Instant - you will receive an email straight away every time you receive a message or notification

  • Hourly - you will receive an email every hour with a list of any messages or notifications sent within that hour

  • Daily - this is the default option. An email is sent each day at 4.30pm with any messages or notifications sent since the previous day

  • Weekly - only get a list of messages or notifications in that week

Note: The email will only include any unread messages or notifications that were sent to you. If you read any of the messages or notifications in SchoolWise these will not be included in the email. 

End of day summary email

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