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How to allow late turn-in on an Assignment
How to allow late turn-in on an Assignment

If you would like to allow late turn-in so that your learners can still submit their work this article will show you how

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This article will demonstrate how you can allow late turn- in for an Assignment that you have created for your learners. This is useful if you want to let the due date elapse but, you would still like the ability for your learners to turn-in their work and mark it as late.

Note: if you want to see how to use Assignment in more detail, check out this article

  1. In your class group, Click on the Assignments tile.

2. Then, Click on the Set Assignment button.

3. Enter the details for the Assignment and attach reference material if you wish and Select a Due Date and Time. Then, turn on the button beside 'Late turn-in allowed'. 

4. Late turn-in has now been turned on and you can Select a date that it is allowed until. Once you are finished with the details of the Assignment, Click the Set button.

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