Once your teacher has graded an assignment, you can go back in and view the grade along with any feedback. All your assignments for each class group are stored in the Assignments tile. This article will show you how to go back and view your grade.

Note: if you want to see how you can access your Gradebook, check out this article..

  1. Log into SchoolWise by clicking on Login with G Suite or Login with Office 365, depending on what your school uses. 

2. Then, this will bring you to a screen where you can enter in your school email address and password.

3. You are now logged into SchoolWise. To get to your class groups, you can click on the class from your School Calendar as shown or you can click the class group on the MyGroups Icon at the top right hand corner. 

4. You are now in your chosen Class Group. Then, click on the Assignments tile. 

5. This will display all the assignments for this class group. It will state Graded when your teacher has reviewed and graded your Assignment. Click the View button to see your grade. 

6. The Assignment Turn-in panel will appear where you can view the details of the assignment by clicking on the Grade tab.

7. You can now see your Grade for this specific Assignment. 

Note: You teacher may include a grade, overall feedback and a judgement. This can vary from assignment to assignment depending on what options your teacher chooses.

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Notifications that you have received a grade for your assignment

If your teacher has graded your Assignment, an automated message will appear in your SchoolWise Inbox notifying you that Your grade has updated. Click on the message to view its contents. 

You can now view the details of the message, including your Grade. 

You will also receive a notification of your grade in the end of day email which you should receive into your Office 365 or Google G Suite inbox.

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