If your school uses Microsoft Office 365 and you would like to attach a document that you want each of your learners to be able to open in Office 365, this article will walk you through how you do this with an Assignment in SchoolWise.

Note: if you want to set an Assignment that your file can be edited, check out this article.

How you can set an assignment using an Office 365 document

1. In your class group, click on the Assignments tile. 

2. Then click on the Set Assignment button.

3. A panel will be displayed where you can enter in details of the Assignment. Complete the details and then click on Attach Reference Material button.

4. This will display the Select Files panel where you can browse for your file from a number of different locations. Once you have selected your file, click the Select button

Note: when selecting a file from OneDrive choose the Download option instead of Link option. If you use the link option you will need to ensure that you learners have the view permission in Office 365 to access the file.
In order for your learners to be able to view the file in Office 365 it must be a Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document. 

5. You will be notified that your reference material has been successfully added to your assignment. The option Students can view file is automatically chosen for you. Once you have completed everything just click the Set button. 

6. Your Assignment has now been set and will appear in the list for you and your learners. This will also appear in the School Calendar for you and your learners. 

A notification message will automatically be sent to all your learners that new assignment was set. If they do not read this message in SchoolWise it will automatically be sent in the end of day email.

How your learners can view the assignment, the document and turn-in their work

1. Your learners can view the Assignment for the class by clicking on the Assignments tile. They can then click on the View button to view the details of the Assignment

2. The Assignment Turn-in panel will be displayed showing the details of the Assignment. They will have the option to either click the Open or Download button to view the reference material. When they click the Open button, the file will automatically launch the application in Office 365 online. 

When your learners complete the assignment that you want them to turn back in to you through SchoolWise, they can click on the Attach My Work button.

3. This will display the Select Files panel where they can choose the file from their computer/device, OneDrive or they can a Add New Office document. If they would like to add a new document, they would click on New Word, New Excel or New PowerPoint icon.

4. Once they have selected their file(s), they will get notified that their work has been attached. Once they are finished attaching their work, they can go ahead and click the Turn In button.

5. Once their work has been successfully turned-in they will get a message "Your work is being reviewed". This is where you will view the files they have submitted and grade or give feedback. 

How your learners can turn-in a photo from their mobile device 

How you can view your learners turned-in work 

1. In your Assignments section in your class group, as learners start turning in their work, you will see the Turned-in number increment. Simply click on the Turned-in number as shown

2. The Grade panel will appear where you view who has turned in work for the assignment. Click on the arrow next to the learner to view their work and grade them. They will automatically get a message notifying them of their grade and it will also go in the end of day email also.

Note: If you do not want to grade your learners for work that they turn-in using SchoolWise, just click enable the Do not grade learners toggle when setting the assignment.

Then, click on Open or Download on your learners assignment to view their work. If you click on the Open button the document will automatically open in Office 365 online

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