This article will demonstrate how you can view a Learners Profile Report.

Note: if you want to view a Learner Report, check out this article

  1. In your class group, simply click on the Gradebook tile.

2. Then, click on the Reports button as shown below. 

3. Then go ahead and click on the Profiles Report. 

4. You are now in the Learner Profile Report, where you can select from the drop down which learner's Learner Profile Report you want to view. From this report, you can click +Add a note, to add a note to the learner's profile. Also, you can click Message Teachers, to message a learners teachers and you can view a learner's 'Support Plan'.

5. Message Teachers
After clicking Message Teachers, a pop-up will appear where you can write a message to all of the learner's teachers.

6. Add a note
After clicking + Add a note, a pop-up will appear where you can write a note on a learner's profile.  

7. View a Support Plan
By clicking on a learner's Individual Learner Plan (ILP), you can then view a Support Plan for this ILP by clicking on the button View.

8. A window will pop up with the Support Plan template which has pre-built targets as shown below. 

See it in action

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