The Learner Grades Report will show you the assessment information for a selected learner in your class group. You can adjust the report to only display the information you require and even print or export the information. You can also look at historic assessment information for a learner by using the timeframes.

Let's take a look at how to view the Learner Grades Report

Click on the Reports button and then select the Grades report under the Learner section.

If this is your first time viewing the report, you will be prompted to select a learner from the class group. Click on the learner to select them and then click the Select button to view the report.

The report will display the grades for a learner, summarise the information and graph it in the performance chart. It will also include the attendance if the integration with your MIS/SIS system is activated.


You can also use the Timeframe to view the historic grades for the selected learner. The All Time filter will display all assessments for the learner or you can use the custom timeframe to select a specific period.


The Assessment Summary grid at the bottom of the report will display the details of each assessment for the selected learner in the timeframe you specify. You can customise the layout of this grid by clicking the Options Panel.

This will allow you to select different options on how the assessments should be displayed in the grid. You can filter the assessments by type, if you provided a grade or feedback and what should be displayed on the screen such as target grades.

Printing and exporting

You can print or export the learner grades report by clicking the icon. Select PDF for a printable report or CSV to export a file which you can open in another application such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

You can even print the learner grades report for the entire class group. This will display the report with the same information learner by learner.

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