This article will demonstrate how you can view your learners Assessment Report within SchoolWise. Follow the steps below. 

Note: if you want to view a Schoolwork Report, check out this article.

  1. In your class group, select on the Gradebook tile.

2. Then, select the Reports button.

3. Then, click on the Assessments tile.

4. This is the Assessments Report, There are two options to view the Assessment Reports in, a grid view and a list view. This is the 'grid view'. You can toggle to the list view by clicking on the button as shown.

5. This is the 'list view' below.

6. In the grid view, if you click on a learner's name, you will then be able to view their individual Assessment Report.

7. Below is an example of a learners individual Assessment Report.


  • A Green tick means work turned in.
  • A Red tick means work was late.
  • A dash means no work turned in.

See it in action 

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