The assessment report is useful when you want to view all assessments for all learners in a class group. The report has two views that you can use to display the assessments depending on what information you are looking for.

The timeframes on the report enable you to view not only this years assessments but also historic assessments for all your learners. This will include assignments, schoolwork or any task/activity. It will even include term or other summative results from your MIS system if these have been imported.

Let's take a look at how you can use the assessment report.

Note: if you want to view a Schoolwork Report, check out this article.

1. In your class group, click on the Gradebook tile.

2. Click on the Reports button and select the Assessment report.

3. This will display the Assessments Report. There are two views that you can display. The default is Grid View and you can use the toggle switch to change to List View.

Grid View

The view displays all learners and their assessments. Each column represents an assessment. You can see the name, date and grading scale of the assessment. Each row represents a learner and shows their grade for each assessment. You can click on a learners name to display just their assessments or click on a grade to see how it compares with the rest of the class.

Viewing a grade for an assessment

Viewing all assessments for a learner

List View

This view displays a list of all the assessments. You can click the View button next to each assessment to see the actual grade for each learner along with any work they turned-in if it was an assignment.

The Edit button will bring up the grading screen where you can adjust the grades for an assessment.

Note: you can only edit grades for the current academic year

Viewing an assessment

Viewing a learners grade

Assessment Type and Timeframe Filters

You can also use the Assessment Type and Timeframe filters to locate assessments easily. Using the timeframe filters you can display any assessments for previous years within the same subject. The All Time filter will display all assessments in SchoolWise we have for all learners.

You can even use the Custom time filter to search for assessments for a specific time period. This can be used along with the Assessment Type filter if you want to filter all assignments for example in a specific period.

See it in action 

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