Who can view a note on a Learner Profile?

The only people that can view the note are those staff members that have access to the learner profile and permission to view notes.

For example, if someone in the management role adds a note to a learner profile, the year head or tutor assigned to that learner can view the note. However, another year head or tutor not assigned to that learner will not be able to see the note (as they have no access to the learner profile in the first place).

Teachers by default cannot view any notes entered through Learner Support unless i) they have the learner in their classes and ii) the permission Display to Class Teachers is set to enabled. Both conditions must be true.

Note: You can set the view permission on the note to further restrict access to only certain roles or role groups. This is covered later in this article.

If you need to restrict the ability to view or edit notes then take a look at this article on learner profile permissions

How to add a note to a learner profile

1. Open the Learner Profile of the learner where you want to add a note. Click on the Add a note button.

2. You can then enter a Title for the note, the details of the Note and optionally you can choose a Category. Categories make it easier to find or report on notes. You can choose a category from the list or enter a new category.

Note: there are no built-in categories provided. You will need to build this list but it is important not to double up or be too granular with your categories. This will mean later when you try to search for notes, you will need to search across multiple categories. It is best to decide on this list upfront.

3. You can optionally attach a document or file to a note. Simply click on the Add a document button and select the file from the list of locations.

Setting the view permission on notes

You can further restrict who can view a note by setting the toggle to enabled next to the role or role group.

Note: you will only see the option to set the toggle if you are part of the role or role group.

For example, if you are in the management role and add a note to a learner profile, you can set the Viewable by Management Only toggle to enabled. A year head or tutor assigned to that learner, or a staff member in the guidance and counselling role will not be able to see the note.

Note: The built-in system role for Management can see all notes even if the toggle is set to enabled. The exception to this is those notes set to Viewable by Guidance and Counselling only. Guidance and Counselling can only see their own notes.

Adding to the list of roles that you want to restrict view access for a note

If you want to extend the list of roles where you can set the view permission, you need to add a Dynamic Security Role Group. Role groups allow you to group both the built-in system and any custom security roles together. You can then restrict the view access for notes so that they are viewable by the role group only.

For example, let's say you want to create a Dynamic Security Role Group called Pastoral Care Team. In that role group, you want to include management, guidance and counselling and year heads. You want to be able to restrict notes so that they are viewable by the Pastoral Care Team only. This is where you would use the Dynamic Security Role Group feature of SchoolWise. You can learn more or create a role group in this article.

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