As learners move across the continuum of support in SchoolWise you may need to filter them by a support category. This can be used in conjunction with the year group filter to easily locate learners.

  1. Simply navigate to Learners screen and select the Support Category in the drop-down menu.

2. The options are All, Some, Few and Requires Investigation. Click on the one you wish to choose.

Note: If you leave the support category blank, this will show all of the learners in any category.

3. In this example, I have selected the category All.

4. You can optionally use the Year Group drop-down to display learners in the support category for a specific year group. 

Note: If you leave the year group filter blank, this will show all of the learners in all year groups.

5. When you have selected your filter criteria go ahead click on the Search button.

6. Now all the learners that match your search criteria are show in the list.

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