If you would like to set the level for an individual learner or all learners in a class group, this article will show you how. The level can be adjusted as learners progress through the academic year or cycle.

Note: when you add an assessment to the Gradebook, the subject level for the learner at that time of the assessment is used. If you set a new level for a learner, it will be used for any new assessments. The previous level is stored with the previous assessments. If no level was set at the time of the assessment, then the default level is used.

Set the subject level for each individual learner

1. When you open the Gradebook the Dashboard is displayed screen is displayed. Click on the Config button to begin setting the target grade.

2. When the configuration screen opens, you can then set a Level for each learner.

Note: the list of available levels is determined by the cycle/key stage of the class and in some cases the curriculum specification for the subject.

Set the level for the all learners in the class

1. When the configuration screen is open, click on the column heading Level.

2. Select the Subject level from the drop-down menu and click Update.

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