If you have a mixed ability class group where learners are choosing different subject levels, this article will show you how you can set the level for each learner. The level can be adjusted as they progress through the year.

Note: if you want to see how to change Differentiation Band for each learner, check out this article.

  1. Navigate to your class group and click on the Gradebook tile as shown below.

2.Once you are in Gradebook, Click on the Reports button.

3. Then, once you are in Reports, click on the Assessments report.

4. To set the level for a learner simply click on the Level beside their name.

Note: some levels cannot be adjusted if the specification does not allow it

5. A window will pop-up with the learners current level for the class group. Simply select the correct option from the drop down and then Click Update.

See it in action

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