This article will demonstrate how you can choose different instructions for an Assignment for certain learners in your class group. 

Note: if you want to see how you can set an Assignment, check out this article.

  1. Navigate to your class group and click on the tile Assignments.

2. Now, you are in Assignments, go ahead and click the Set Schoolwork or Set Assignment button

3. The Schoolwork or Assignment screen will appear. You can enter the overall/common instructions for the class group in the Instructions box along with attaching any Reference Material that all learners should receive. To provide differentiated instructions click on the + button.

4. You can now send the differentiated instruction and any reference material to learners within a specific Differentiation Band. You can continue to click on the + button to add differentiated instruction to additional bands if you have any.

5. If you would like specific learners in another band to receive instructions from another simply click the Select button. This is useful when you want to challenge a learner with more difficult instructions on an ad-hoc basis to demonstrate their capability to move up a band.

Note: when you are viewing the assessments report in the Gradebook, you will see when each learner was challenged for an assignment indicated by the challenged icon.

6. A drop down with the learners in the other bands will appear and you can simply select them by clicking on each one. A check mark will be placed next to each learner you select.

7. Once you have completed your instructions for each band click on the Set button.

The learners in you class group will all receive the Instructions tab and additionally any instructions on the band tab that they are part of. 

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