There are times when you want to change the grading scales for an assessment. If you are entering an assessment Task/Activity in the Gradebook then this article will show you how you can use the built-in scales.

1. First, open the Gradebook for your class group. This will display the Dashboard for your class group. Click on the Add Grade button, then choose the Task/Activity option and click Next.

2. On the Add Grade screen where you enter the assessment information, you can click on the column heading Percentage which is the default option. This will then display the grading scales screen.

3. Simply select the scale from the drop-down that you want to use for this assessment task/activity. The scales available are defined by the cycle or key stage for the class group. However, Percentages and Points are always available as options regardless. For example, if this is a Junior Cycle class group, you will see the Junior Cycle grading scales in addition to the default percentage and points.

In the case of Points, you simply enter the Max points that a learner can receive.

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